Björk, Madonna and Bedtime Stories

🎥 Björk talking about Madonna and her collaboration for the song "Bedtime Story" (1994) at 1993 MTV Awards

Madonna was inspired at that time by Björk's first studio album, Debut (1993), got in touch with Björk and offered her a chance to write a track for the album Bedtime Stories. Björk did not consider herself a fan of Madonna's music, but she was intrigued by the offer and she accepted it. She wrote a song initially named "Let's Get Unconscious".

In 2001, in an interview for Nylon magazine, Björk said: «"Let's Get Unconscious" was what I wanted to hear from Madonna's mouth. But that's like six years ago, when everything about her seemed very controlled. I think she's a very intuitive person, and definitely her survival instinct is incredible. It's like, outrageous. At the time, the words I thought she'd say were, "I'm not using words anymore, let's get unconscious honey. Fuck logic. Just to be intuitive. Be more free. Go with the flow." Right now, she seems pretty much to be going with the flow».
February 5, 2020


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