All you have to know about Björk Orkestral Tour

Björk Orchestral Tour will be the eleventh tour of Björk. 
The first stage of the tour, announced on February 25, is scheduled at the Crocus Music Hall in Moscow on July 2, while the last stage, after five concerts, is scheduled at the Bluedot Festival in Cheshire, in the United Kingdom.

The Lovell Stage at the Bluedot Festival, where Björk is performing on July 26

Background and concept

On May 6, 2019, Björk began the Cornucopia Tour, initially conceived as a residency show for The Shed in New York City. The tour, defined by critics and by the singer herself as her "most elaborate stage concert ever", reached also Mexico City for five dates in August, and finally Europe for eight stages between November 13 and December 8, with a total of fifteen sold out shows.

Cornucopia production had already reassured that the tour would start again in the second half of 2020, but in February 2020 a new production was announced, the Björk Orchestral Tour, for a series of more intimate and less scenic concerts: "Unlike Cornucopia's elaborate theater production, on this tour the Icelandic singer will focus on acoustic string arrangements of all her previous works." (

Crocus City Hall (Moscow), Hartwall Arena (Helsinki), Waldbühne (Berlin) and La Seine Musicale (Paris) where Björk will perform

On February 12, a first stop was already announced for July 26 at the Bluedot Festival in Cheshire, England, as "an exclusive orchestral concert", "a unique commissioned performance, alongside the Hallé Orchestra of Manchester". The other four stages and details on the new production were instead revealed on February 25. In particular, Live Nation Finland affirmed that "the locations of the tour, with only six concerts, have been carefully selected".

The premiere of the Björk Orchestral Tour is announced at the Crocus Music Hall in Moscow on July 2, 2020: it will be the first Björk concert in Russia after almost seventeen years; the last one was on July 17, 2003 for the Greatest Hits Tour. Then will come the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, the Waldbühne amphitheater in Berlin, La Seine Musicale in Paris and finally the Bluedot Festival.

For now, we know that Björk will be joined on stage by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia (NPR) in Moscow, by the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester in Berlin and by the Hallé Orchestra in Cheshire.

Björk Orchestral première in Moscow, Russia - Crocus City Hall - July 2, 2020
Tickets from P.6000 to P.35000 ($90-$536)

Björk Orchestral in Helsinki, Finland - Hartwall Arena - July 6, 2020
Tickets from €109.50 to €359.50

Björk Orchestral in Berlin, Germany - Waldbühne - July 9, 2020 - CANCELLED DUE COVID-19

Björk Orchestral in Paris, France - La Seine Musicale - July 17 and 20, 2020

Björk Orchestral in Cheshire, United Kingdom - Bluedot Festival, Lovell Stage - July 26, 2020 - CANCELLED DUE COVID-19

Björk Orchestral in Cheshire, United Kingdom - Bluedot Festival, Lovell Stage - July 2021
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Björk Orchestral
February 28, 2020