Björk: «I let my voice grow old»

In 2012 Björk cancelled some Biophilia shows because of a surgery to remove a polyp on her vocal cords: «I'm sorry I had to cancel stuff earlier in the year - didn't want to talk about this until I knew for sure if it would work». The singer then revealed that the surgery was good and that "it's been very satisfying to sing all them clear notes again".

In an interview for the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo in June 2019, Björk returned to talk about the state of her voice: «I let my voice grow old. I think it's good to try to enjoy every period of our lives». She affirmed that now she is singing tones below the versions of her official records, and also criticised the discrimination against most women's voice: while Frank Sinatra's and Johnny Cash's voices were considered more "charming" with advancing age, Whitney Houston was ridiculed for not being able to sing with the same high notes that she could reach in her youth.

«I sing with the voice I have, and write melodies that I can interpret in this specific period. When people hear me sing today, they are listening to me in their 50s, and it is different. Twenty years ago, I would not have done this new version of "Venus as a Boy" on the flute (from Cornucopia tour)».

You can hear Björk's vocal change in many YouTube videos like this one about Pagan Poetry:

source: Folha de São Paulo (

February 5, 2020