The real story of "Björk's island"

On the southern Icelandic coast is situated the volcanic island of Elliðaey, on which was built a lonely house, probably one of the most remote and famous in the world.

In the XVIII century, five Icelandic families decided to sail to the small Elliðaey island and settle there, creating a small colony that would have lived on sheep farming, hunting and fishing. The first two centuries passed without difficulty and in harmony, but at the beginning of the XX century the island became impractical, and its terrain, so green and beautiful, difficult to maintain.
So the 1930s the island was abandoned and the installations were mostly dismantled, except for a single structure.

Elliðaey island became famous in 2000, when the Icelandic Prime Minister was said to have offered the lonely house to Björk for free, in thanks of her contributions to Iceland and its culture; actually, it didn't go quite that way.

In fact there is another Elliðaey island on the East coast, near to Stykkishòlmur, and Björk had access to a public auction to win the land of this second island, but then was forced to change her mind, due to numerous political controversies that arose from her interest in the island.
At the end, Björk did not get either of the islands!

The Eastern island of Ellidaey

February 5, 2020


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