When Björk invited Britney Spears to Iceland

We all know how difficult Britney Spears life was in 2007 because of her personal struggles and the huge circle of paparazzi around her. But nor everyone knows that Björk took pity on her and invited her to Iceland.

In 2007 Björk wrote a letter to Britney Spears because she sympathised with her struggle to deal with the pressures of fame, inviting her in Iceland to have relax and run away from paparazzi. "she can always stay in Iceland at my place". Moreover, Björk said to Spin magazine that «even though Britney would move to Hong Kong or Africa or whatever, she wouldn’t escape it. And that’s scary. It was scary to look at the headlines when she was photographed without her knickers. There were obvisously hundreds of paparazzi forced in her face, and the headline was: "Attention Seeking Brtiney!”. I’m embarassed because this actually shows how much I’ve been following it!».

Probably, Britney didn't answer to Björk, but we want to imagine an amazing collaboration between the two singers!

February 5, 2020