«Predictable things, I'm terrified of them. Boredom in general terrifies me»

It is well known that Björk is an ever-changing artistic force. A musician that's always pushing forward and finding unconventional ways of doing conventional things. A few samples of this range from the inclusion of Icelandic lyrics on her first solo album Debut, to the 2004 full length all a-capella masterpiece Medúlla. Clearly, she doesn't wan't to be bored - and at the same time, she does what she wants. Good news is, we may have a clue of where some of this might come from.

On a Dazed & Confused 1994 interview, when asked about Story of the Eye, a book she usually refers to, she said:

"Everybody's got a book that changed their life. It's the book I read when I was 17 and proved to me I wasn't mad. It's basically about a couple that go on a mission against morality and against perceived ways of behaviour and basically take it to the extreme and show that if you want to do it, you should. Well that's simplifying it a lot. I mean you've only got one life and if you don't do today what you want to do, you've lost the battle. It's a freedom thing, I guess."

Then, a couple questions after, she delves deeper into this mindset:

"I try to be as spontaneous as possible and I try not to organise my life too much and I try to go with the flow and have a laugh, but at the same time have integrity and courage to try to make all the things I want to make come true. Not only the easy surface stuff, but all the way deep. And another thing which is important about this book is to take away that selfish thing, if you just do exactly what you want to do it is supossed to be completely egoistic and selfish, but it's not."

From this, we get to have a small glimpse at the artistic spirit of Björk, getting a little closer to the mind of the Icelandic singer.

source: Hack, J. (1994, august 1). Björk needs no introduction. Dazed & Confused, 23.
digital scans by bjork.fr: http://bjork.fr/Dazed-Confused-1994
April 8, 2020