Björk talks about her new project and reveals she has a boyfriend


The Icelandic singer Björk will have three weekend concerts in her hometown, Reykjavík, on August 9th, 15th and 23rd August. The shows, which are anticipating the Björk Orchestral tour postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic, will celebrate Björk's 25 years of career in collaboration with the Icelandic artists who have accompanied her on her musical journey.
On stage with her there will be the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, the Hamrahlíð choir under the direction of Thorgerd Ingolfsdottir, Viibra flute septet and harpist Kate Buckley.
None of the concerts will be the same and none of songs will be played twice during these live concerts. In total there will be 33 songs in the setlist, 11 for each concert.

Björk got the idea of ​​the concert series in 2017 when she published a book with her songs in collaboration with the pianist Jónas Sen:
34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste

The Icelandic artist told the Icelandic magazine Frettabladid:
"I have wanted to hold this concerts since I published the book, but then Cornucopia tour took over and I decided to give it priority. I want to support Icelandic musicians."

Björk has traveled extensively with Cornucopia, several concerts have been held in New York, Mexico City and throughout Europe, and many Icelandic musicians have participated.

"This is the biggest thing I have ever done in terms of acting and crew. It took a long time to negotiate with the music houses, as it was a really elaborate show. We were traveling until Coronavirus arrived and I, like other musicians, had to postpone all trips throughout the year. Then I thought it was time to let these concerts go home. There are many jobless musicians right now and it is often the case that when something happens, everyone expects them to do everything for free. Many of them are playing concerts in streaming because they no longer earn revenue from record sales. Maybe it's because my father has been a union leader for over thirty years that I've always been fighting for musicians, but I want to take this opportunity now and support Icelandic musicians in these times".

"I have wanted to hold this concerts since I published the book, but then Cornucopia tour took over and I decided to give it priority. I want to support Icelandic musicians."

Racial bias has been prominent in the debate lately, and Björk recently had two girls, Chanel Björk Sturludóttir and Diana Rós Breckmann Jónatansdóttir, to have a conversation on her Instagram page on June 18. There, they discussed racism in Iceland and how the Black Lives Matter movement has influenced the country.

"I always want to show color in this discussion, since it is of utmost importance to me. For a long time I asked myself how I could fight for this problem at home and I decided to support the Refugee Council. I think they are doing good things, either for women of foreign origin, but also now in the Coronavirus era when here, as elsewhere in the world, women are suffering more domestic violence."

She says it is a great privilege to live in Iceland but, as elsewhere, not everything is perfect and takes, for example, the way Iceland welcomes refugees, and says that Icelanders can deal with it.

"The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us a lot and we have to help where we can. Blacklivesmatter has strongly reminded us to look deep inside in terms of racism and respect, understanding and offering greater assistance to the refugees who come here".

After the concert at Harpa, which will begin at five in the afternoon, guests will be able to buy food and have fun and all the proceeds from the sale will go to the Women's Shelter.

Björk is planning to stream the concert overseas for a fee, but those who want to watch, for example in the United States, can pay and the proceeds will then go to a nonprofit organization in the United States or the respective country.

"It wouldn't have been a problem doing it for free, we're not making money off of it. But I want this to be the future for musicians, to be able to hold concerts at home and get paid. I'm fighting for musicians".

Björk returned home in late February and has been in the country ever since. She says she has never completely moved from Iceland, but often receives this question.

"I've always lived in Iceland sixty percent of the time; ever, even in the 1980s. People think I'm abroad because I'm hiding when I'm here at home. I don't mind, look good in Vesturbæjarlaug, or I'm just at home or in the summer house".

Björk used the quarantine time to meet her family and says she is grateful and happy that her family has been together in Iceland. She is a newborn grandmother, her son had his first child.

“Grandma's role is one of the best things life has to offer. Now I understand what grandparents have always said. It is pure joy and simple happiness”. She says that in recent months she has played the role of housewife and she liked it. “Now I have a bigger family and we were together a lot during this period. I have run a restaurant in my house. Usually, people go to school and work, but suddenly, three meals had to be cooked every day of the week. I just turned into an old-fashioned supermistress and felt it was ticking, I have nothing to complain about".

“Grandma's role is one of the best things life has to offer. Now I understand what grandparents have always said. It is pure joy and simple happiness”

Björk always claims to write new material, but she does it slowly.

"It doesn't really matter what happens in my life, I always like the same rhythm. I managed to keep it going last month, and I worked with Bergur Þórisson, a musician here at home. He took part in the quarantine with me and he came to my home twice a week, we have worked together for six years, so it was nice to be able to spend time with him right now."

She says she has a lot of new material, but that a new album isn't expected immediately.

"There won't be a new album this year, but maybe the next one it will be ready, I don't dare to promise anything. But we will aim for 2021 or 2022."

"I am currently working on various things. I would like to create an online database where you can buy notes of any music. I have versions of all types of musical instrument notes that have to combine all of this into one single place and make it accessible, but this project is still at hand."

She plans to visit her boyfriend in the Alps. "My boyfriend is half Iranian and half German and lives in the Alps. He was with me here in Iceland through the Coronavirus, so now I will try to show some color and visit him. "

If all goes well, the Cornucopia tour in Asia will begin at the end of the year.

"There are still shows for Cornucopia tour in Japan in November. Of course, we don't know what the situation will be in the world then, but if all goes well, we will try to hold concerts in more countries of Asia, everything will come to light."

Björk Orchestral
June 29, 2020