Björk and her daughter confirmed in The Northman cast

Björk is officially part of The Northman cast, the forthcoming film by Robert Eggers. The Icelandic singer will play the character of a witch, and next to her will be her daughter Ísadóra (17 y.o.).

The film will be a viking revenge saga set in Iceland at the turn of the 10th century, and co-written by the poet Sjón, who is a frequent collaborator with Björk.

This is Björk's fourth participation in a film, after The Juniper Tree by Nietzchka Keene (1990), Dancer in the Dark by Lars von Trier (2000) and Drawing Restraint 9 by her ex-boyfriend Matthew Barney (2005). The news surprised all her fans, since after working on von Trier's film, she swore she would never act in a movie again. Björk affirmed that the shoot was physically and emotionally tiring and in 2017 accused the Danish director of sexual harassment.

We are happy that she changed her mind, and we hope to see her again soon at the Oscars!

source: CineMatriz

August 20, 2020