Björk is the executive producer of a film about Meredith Monk

Björk is the executive producer of a film about Meredith Monk’s life and art


Steven Spielberg’s Jewish Story Partners foundation, which he and wife Kate Capshaw founded to help fund Jewish-themed documentary films, announced among its beneficiaries the film “Meredith Monk: Dancing Voice, Singing Body”, directed and produced by Billy Shebar and David Roberts. 




Meredith Monk: Dancing Voice, Singing Body is a 90-minute documentary feature film on the life and career of Meredith Monk, acclaimed Jewish-American singer, composer, director, and choreographer, executive produced by Björk. The first comprehensive documentary of any kind on Monk, this project will trace modern American art history itself: the immortal echoes of a lost, defining ‘60s culture, the cultural traumas of the 20th century upending the American art world, and an artist’s exacting vision contending with the 21st century’s end of authorship. Directors Billy Shebar and David Roberts will bring access to hundreds of archived Monk recordings, films, notes, performance and rehearsal footage, and will capture Monk as she leads the rehearsal process and performance of her upcoming landmark production Indra’s Net. Befitting Monk’s multimedia, genre-spanning legacy, groundbreaking animator Paul Barritt will interweave the archival and verité footage with acrobatic animated sequences.


Björk and Meredith Monk have long had a deep friendship


On 11th September 2001, Björk performed live in Stuttgart (Germany) a cover of Meredith’s “Gotham Lullaby” with the Brodsky Quartet and dedicated it to the victims of USA tragedy.

In a 2005 podcast Björk told that she was 16 when first heard Meredith Monk’s Dolmen Music and was entranced. Years later, after she covered Monk’s “Gotham Lullaby”, the two women struck up a correspondence, but they never had the opportunity to meet in person. Never, that is, until the American Music Center invited them into the studio to record that podcast in 2005. That same year Björk performed at Carnegie Hall (NYC), on the occasion of Meredith’s 40-year career.




May 3, 2021